Our performance in Warsaw!

13 October 2017

Our neighbours who arent present the stories of the inhabitants of Białowieża was presented in WARSAW on 21 of October in the Center for Contemporary Art, Ujazdowski Castle.
There were two hundred people in the audience. We feel honored because there was Marian Turski  among them, the chairman of the Museum of the History of Polish Jews “Polin”, Survivor from the camp in Auschwitz, who personally thanked the young actors for their performance. Among the audience there were also our family members and friends, theater artists, scientists, youth and children, and even some of our visitors at Teremiski Theater, who are following us around oter places! We warmly thank all of you for presence and your warm words.

The show was held as part of a seminar for teachers “Under the Bengali Figures” organized within the frames of the project “Children of Dust,” co-financed by Akademie Schloss Solitude and the Capital City of Warsaw. The next day Katarzyna Winiarska, the initiator and co-creator of the performance, had a talk in the seminar about her experience of many years of educational programms in Teremiski and Białowieża.

Children has not only shown their performance, but they also spent the whole weekend in Warsaw. On Saturday, before the rehearsal for the show, students from the school in Startowa, who hosted us in their building, led our Białowieża youth to play a historical game in the Old Town, and on Sunday we visited the Museum of the History of Polish Jews and we had a dinner at a Jewish restaurant.

We sincerely thank the students and pupils, teachers and staff of Startowa School for their hospitality and care in Warsaw and we invite you to visit Białowieża.