Biały Lasek Pererow gravel pit next to Szereszewo

On the 2nd of August 1941, on the grounds of the Biały Lasek gravel pit (currently in Belarus), the German Battalion 322 executed 32 people convicted of communist crimes, arrested the previous day based on a list delivered by one of the Białowieża citizens to Scherping, the Grand Master of the Hunt. Among the victims were six people of Jewish provenance.

As noted in the journal of the Battalion 322:

"An energetic start and execution of a planned special action in Białowieża and its surroundings by the Battalion. We managed to catch and execute 36 out of 76 (communists). Among these 36 there were 5 Jews and 1 Jewish woman. Two detained Jews were shot for attempting to escape.(as in: Leszczyński Kazimierz, Dziennik wojenny Batalionu Policji 322, volume 17 of „Biuletyn Głównej Komisji Badania Zbrodni Hitlerowskich w Polsce”, 1967).

Waldemar Monkiewicz determined that murdered Jews were: Chanaan [Pomeraniec], Kapłan, Hersz Krugman age 45, two Jewish women from Hajnówka, Moniek Słonimski, age 40 and Szuster (as in: Waldemar Monkiewicz: Zbrodnie hitlerowskie w Białowieży, 25-26).

 Włodzimierz Dackiewicz mentions the same incidents and the same persons, although he gives a different date (earlier by a month) and lists more people:

"The Germans executed the Jews Krugman with his wife, Szuster and his wife, Pola Słonimska and Rachela with their husbands, and the blacksmith Chanani. The shootings took place between 29th of June and 2nd of July in Pererowo. In the same time in Pererowo, Jews from Stoczek and from the centre of Białowieża were executed" [the Krugman family, the Szuster family and the Słonimski family lived in a district called Zastawa] (as in: Włodzimierz Dackiewicz, the interview by the Holocaust Museum, Washington, 11.10.1998, RG-50.488*0051).

 Today, there is a monument and a commemorative plaque on the execution site dedicated to the inhabitants of Białowieża and its surroundings shot by the German Nazis in this place.

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