The Pruzhany Ghetto

Prużany, teren getta, ulica Tarmasowa, 2015,, zdj. K. Winiarska

Prużany, teren getta, ulica Tarmasowa, 2015,, zdj. K. Winiarska

Most of the Jews from Białowieża who were transported to the Pruzhany ghetto (some of them were taken to the ghetto in Kobryń) probably died due to the famine and the sicknesses in the area of the ghetto, which was overpopulated with Jews from the whole region and an extremely harsh living environment. In total, there were 18.000 people in the ghetto, and at the turn of 1941 and 1942, around 6.000 of them died of of sickness, starvation or exposure.

Jews who survived the ghetto were deported to the concentration camp in Auschwitz in between the 28th of January and 1st of February 1943.

On the area of the cemetery next to the Gorin Kolada street there’s a monument dedicated to the "Memory of the martyrs of Pruzhany and surroundings: Bereza, Małecza, Szereszowa, Sielce, Linowo, which died during the Holocaust. 30-31st January - 2nd February 1943". The monument is an initiative of the Jewish families from Pruzhany and was funded by Avraham Fridberg-Harshalom, a survivor from the Pruzhany ghetto. 

In the area of the old Pruzhany ghetto there is also a commemorative plaque on the wall of the house next to the Tarmasowa 5 boulevard, dedicated to the family of Avraham Fridberg-Harshalom.