The name "Białowieża" functioned throughout all Poland's territorial changes (The Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Russia, Poland, German occupation) in several languages and variants. As Białowieża citizens emigrated to different countries, the phonographic variants of the city's name multiplied  as the immigrants made efforts to adjust the word "Białowieża" to their new local language and to the difficulties foreigners might have with a name containing polish diacritic signs (ł and ż).

Here are some of the existing versions of the name: 
Białowieża [Pol],
Беловежа. [Rus.],
Белавежа-Biełavieža [Belar.],
Bialowies [Germ.],
Bialoviezha,Bialowieza, Belovezha [Eng.],
[Heb] ביאלובייז'ה