The premiere of “Our neighbours who aren’t present”

25 April 2017

We kindly invite to the premiere of “Our neighbours who aren’t present” – the stories of the inhabitants of Bialowieza about their Jewish neighbours – prepared by children from Białowieża under the direction of Joanna Troc and Katarzyna Winiarska. 1st of May at 7 o’clock, Theater in the barn in Teremiski near Bialowieza during the 11th Theater Meetings.

Since October theatrical youth and children group from Białowieża has prepared a performance based on the memories of the oldest inhabitants of Białowieża about their Jewish neighbors and the common life before the war. Joanna Troc made the adaptation of the stories of the inhabitants and wrote a unique script for the performance in which children evoke a non-existent world of living together Jews, Belarussians and Poles before the war. There were also workshops on Jewish heritage and the history of Jews in Białowieża conducted by Katarzyna Winiarska. Music for the performance is composed of Jewish songs. Nika Jurczuk, a lyricist from Bielsk Podlaski, created a musical arrangement of the songs and will accompany the violin live. Youth was taught the songs in Yiddish, Hebrew, Belarusian and Polish by Elżbieta Rojek, co-creator the musical project together with Karolina Cicha: “One/Many – Podlasie and the languages of his temples”, which will be able to listen to the day after the premiere in the same theater in Teremiski.
You’re welcome!

“Our neighbours who aren’t present”
based on the stories of the inhabitants of Białowieża
Adaptation, scenario and direction – Joanna Troc
Idea, interviews and story preparation – Katarzyna Winiarska
Arrangement of music – Nika Jurczuk
Vocal training – Elżbieta Rojek